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Working on some new stuff!

2010-10-24 14:53:06 by Ryajin-Geki

Got One anime drawing coming. Also a drawing done in pen only, cause for some reason I like how it looks. Plus I also very rarely use pen, so it'd be good to practice it. Still working on the Baked Beans for the flood :D

Wow I just can't believe it.

2010-10-12 15:21:18 by Ryajin-Geki

Is my artwork really just that bad I got unscouted a 2nd time... was it because I posted this? I mean jesus christ I see these submissions all day and I don't see them banned. It's light I know but it's because of my scanner.

Wow I just can't believe it.


2010-10-03 13:55:35 by Ryajin-Geki

Awesome is Awesome!


2010-09-16 23:44:59 by Ryajin-Geki

What the hell is going on?

Medal beer?

2010-06-09 23:32:14 by Ryajin-Geki

Kettle fear!?

Seriously it's not hard, but damn is confusing at certain times.

Photoshop is giving me a run for my money!

I apologize!

2010-06-06 14:20:17 by Ryajin-Geki

I am sorry my brother's scanner won't make my pencil drawings any darker. I also know that on other computers they might not show up. When I find out how to darken them without using photoshop I will re-scan them.


2010-06-05 14:12:33 by Ryajin-Geki

I have nothing cool or witty to say... but I do ride my bike to work! Gotta get myself from 180 pounds to 150 atleast.

Today is a new day!

2010-05-18 20:35:59 by Ryajin-Geki

If you are reading this don't you have something better to do than look at my uninteresting page?