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Wow I just can't believe it.

2010-10-12 15:21:18 by Ryajin-Geki

Is my artwork really just that bad I got unscouted a 2nd time... was it because I posted this? I mean jesus christ I see these submissions all day and I don't see them banned. It's light I know but it's because of my scanner.

Wow I just can't believe it.


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2010-10-13 22:16:49

Man sorry to hear that :( I like your artwork, also i didnt know you could get un-scouted!! i uploaded a bunch of crap lol ;_;


2010-10-17 18:31:19

when you improve a bit ill scout you again, stupid mods :P


2010-10-19 13:59:37

'Ey man, I don't know you very well.. So don't listen to me if you don't want. I'll understand.

It looks to me like you're just starting out in the digital artistry world. I can tell by the techniques you seem to use and the overall quality of work you've got. It's not a bad thing, definitely not... And if you've been doing art for quite a while, sorry if I offend you.

But, just keep at it man. I mean, we all get in rough patches where we question the quality of our work.. I think a true artist is that who can question.. But overcome that and continue to make art and progress even further than they believed was possible.

You'll get scouted again, I believe. Just keep trying and evolving.. You'll blow 'em out of the water if you don't stop.